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Edible Plants

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LESSON FIVE: Edible Plants

Goals and Objectives: Students will determine what part of a plant they are eating when they eat different fruits and vegetables.

Content Standards Addressed:


A INQ.16  Make observations and ask questions about objects, organisms and the environment.

A INQ.17  Use senses and simple measuring tools to collect data.

A INQ.18  Read, write, listen and speak about observations of the natural world.

A INQ.19  Present information in words and drawings.


-develop cognitive and psychomotor problem-solving skills through applied research design, production, operation and analyses of technical systems.

-safely and effectively use resources, processes, concepts and tools of technology.


Introduction: Let you students explore the "5 A Day Adventure Theater" on the Dole 5 A Day Adventures CD-ROM before introducing this lesson. (In the "5 A Day Adventure Theater" Pinellopy Pineapple and 41 other fruit and vegetable characters perform on stage to show students how fruits and vegetables were discovered, where they're grown, and what nutrients they contain. Movies show how each fruit and vegetable is grown and harvested.)

After your class uses the CD-ROM, reinforce what they have learned about edible plant parts through this activity.

Materials: Dole 5 A Day Adventures CD-ROM, computers, "What Part of the Plant Are We Eating, Anyway?" activity sheets

Procedure: Dole 5 A Day Site

Follow-up activity; Plant-Parts Salad


Assessment: Students will be assessed on participation and completion of activity sheet.

Unit developed by Joanne Boulais