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How We Use Plants

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LESSON FOUR: How We Use Plants

Goals and Objectives: Given an introduction to the various ways that people use plants, students will be able to describe and illustrate uses to create a class book.


Introduction: Read the book The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein, discuss the things the tree gave the boy.


Content Standards Addressed:


A INQ.12  Make observations and ask questions about objects, organisms and the environment.

A INQ.13  Use senses and simple measuring tools to collect data.

A INQ.14  Read, write, listen and speak about observations of the natural world.

A INQ.15  Present information in words and drawings.


-develop cognitive and psychomotor problem-solving skills through applied research design, production, operation and analyses of technical systems.

-safely and effectively use resources, processes, concepts and tools of technology.



Materials: The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein, laptops with Internet access and Kid Pix software.



1. Working with partners, students will access the following sites for an overview of the various uses of plants; The Different Uses of Plants, Plants.

            2. Students will choose one use of plants to write about and illustrate.

3. Using Kid Pix, students will work independently to write about and illustrate one way that people use plants.

4. Students will print out pages and teacher will compile them into a class book titled The Many Uses of Plants.


Assessment: Students will be assessed on completed pages (sample rubric), ability to work with partners, and time on task.

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Unit developed by Joanne Boulais