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Plant PowerPoint

PLANT Curricular Unit

Animal PowerPoint

ANIMAL Curricular Unit

Group Project Description:  Everything Grows is a collaborative curricular project to be used by teachers in the elementary grades.  The focus of the project is on the Life Science Standards of the Connecticut Core Science Curriculum Framework (2005).  The units in the project address the overlying guiding questions outlined in the Framework as well as the specific standards.  Specific standards for each grade level are contained within each unit.  This project is a curriculum resource, containing both teacher resources and student activities for early elementary grades.

Teeth PowerPoint

TEETH: Watch Them Grow! Curricular Unit

Insect PowerPoint

INSECT Curricular Unit

Amazing Arachnids PowerPoint

Arachnid Curricular Unit

Click on a picture or a link to see what grows!

Animals                                                                                   Insects
Susan Burdick                                                                       Karen Groves
Kindergarten Teacher                                                        First Grade Teacher
Putnam Elementary School                                              Jackter Elementary School
Putnam, CT 06260                                                               Colchester, CT 06415                                   

Plants                                                                                      Teeth: Watch ThemGrow!             
Joanne Boulais                                                                      Annemarie Fillian
Second Grade Teacher                                                        Graduate Student
Windham Center School                                                      ECSU
Windham, CT. 06280                                                            Willimantic, CT.                                              

Ruth W. Rose
Third Grade Teacher
J. M. Jeffrey School
Madison, CT 06443